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CYCLIK MANAGER Fiyat : 0.00 $

Malzeme Özellikleri :
Central Irrigation Management Control Software for Battery-powered CYCLIK Control Modules


Designed for sprinkler and low volume irrigation. Automatic irrigation control system to manage agricultural watering cycles on sites where no power is available.
The Software is designed to automate and centralize irrigation on sites where no electrical power is available. CYCLIK MANAGER is Rain Bird`s most recent water management tool for agricultural irrigation.
The CYCLIK Manager System consists of:
- Software operating on a PC in a Windows 95/98, 2000, XP environment
- A Radio transmission device connected to the PC to transmit irrigation programs by radio from the PC to the portable CYCLIK MANAGER Field Transmitter
- A portable CYCLIK MANAGER Field Transmitter in which the irrigation programs are stored. This transmitter is used to transmit the programs by radio to the on-site CYCLIK Control Modules JA3001 which are equipped with a TBOS� Radio+ Module

� Large LCD display with function icons
� Flat 6/7 key keypad is water resistant
� Removable protective sheath
� « Beep » sound confirms key has been pressed
� Anti-Glare shield
� Infrared program transmission to Cyclik Control Modules
� Energy-Saving LCD automatically goes blank after one minute if no key is pressed
� Operates with only one top-brand 9V alkaline battery (Varta or equivalent) type 6AM6 (International Standard) or 6LR61 (European Standard)
� Automatic synchronisation of the field transmitter clock with the control modules
� Operating temperature: up to 55°
� The field transmitter can program an unlimited number of control modules
� Easy programming in Windows 95/98, 2000,XP environment
� System capacity for mutiple end-users and crops
� Manages an unlimited number of water supply points and fi elds
� 5 main irrigation programming categories: Sprinklers, Travellers, Pivots, Low Volume Irrigation and Miscellaneous
� Access to 4 different programs within each irrigation category and the possibility to modify: water days, irrigation run time, irrigation frequency, ON/OFF function
� Displays irrigation over 1 1/2 - month time period for each crop and water supply point
� Valves operating at any given time can be displayed
� « Water Budget » increases or decreases watering time from 0% to 200% in 10% increments
� Water application report per user, water supply point, fi eld and crop
� Various irrigation programs can be linked to make optimum use of available water/ time resources
� Monitors Control Module battery life
� Possibility to print out (or export) irrigation records during the season as well as all program modifi cations

Minimum computer requirements:
� IBM compatible computer with Pentium 166 Mhz processor
� 16 Mb of RAM
� Hard disk with 50 Mb free space
� 15`` SVGA monitor, 800 x 600 resolution
� 1 free serial port
� Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP environment
� Mouse, 112-key keyboard and fl oppy disk drive (3,5``)
� Printer to print out reports

CYCLIK MANAGER Kit: Software, CYCLIK MANAGER Field Transmitter and TBOS�
Radio Transmission Interface