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CIRRUS™ Fiyat : 0.00 $

Malzeme Özellikleri :

Standard Features:
• Capable of controlling three (3) individual 18-hole courses, each with its own database information, irrigation programming and flow management data.
• Programming and control of up to 19 other user-defined areas, such as the driving range, chipping green, putting green, clubhouse, nursery, and other miscellaneous areas.
• On-screen graphics show a custom map of the course, complete with the location of each rotor. program.
• Individual hole walk through provides for customized detail of each area's special requirements.
• Easy table selection of sprinkler type, nozzle size and operating pressure for each area and the gpm demand providing precise, consistent flow information and resulting in reliable, efficient irrigation management.
• Automatic calculation and entry of precipitation rates for each station with selection of sprinkler model, pattern, and spacing.
• Complete flow management database for up to six (6) independent pump stations; up to 250 branches and 500 flow zones for each pump station. This results in highly efficient pump station operation, shortest watering cycle time, and conservation of energy.
• Individual flow graphs generated, for each of the three courses that are possible to be programmed with individual station activity. Information presented in colorful charts.
• Flow graphs are automatically maintained on file for future access and reference.
• Fully automatic Weather Station integration into the system.
• Programs may be set to automatically track Weather Station ET value.
• Programs may be set to adhere to manual water budgeting; by system, by programs, and/or by schedules.
• Individual station ET adjustment possible to accommodate individual area microclimates.
• Graphic display of each hole you have defined—indicating areas to be irrigated—such as: green, tee, fairway, approach, perimeter, rough, and miscellaneous areas.
• Multistation programming and operation for satellites.
• Station data table gives complete database information for each individual station.
• System flo-bar continuously indicates flow conditions.
• Course graphic overview provides visual indication of all areas being irrigated.
• Direct manual access and system monitoring of entire course at all times.
• Course daily and seasonal logs for record keeping and easy compliance with regulatory requirements regarding water usage.
• Decoder-based system automatic diagnostic testing.
• Built-in database utilities provide for easy backup and management of system and program data files.
• Exclusive design, programming, and operational informational data bank provides quick, easy reference for the system programmer or operator.
• DMA Express allows the user the ability to manually operate any stations on the course.
• Satellite View provides immediate view of stations in either area or satellite orientations.

Unique Features:
• QuickIRR programming provides for a quick and easy method to automatically build programs to meet your irrigation challenges.
• Smart Sensors allow a sensor condition to activate an alarm and turn on/off the system, programs and schedules, or pause/ resume the same.
• Exclusive CYCLE + SOAK™ feature provides for control of the application of water to each area, to be consistent with the infiltration rate of the soil. Total application of water is precisely controlled regardless of number of cycles, each cycle time and/or soak time specified.
• Course monitor screens provide a graphical, real-time view of the course with the ability to monitor activities at a glance.
• Pump Profiling feature limits power consumption during peak periods.
• Innovative, guided initialization and start-up programming resulting in a customized Quick Start™ program.
• Dry Run feature provides for test of a program and making necessary adjustments before actually operating it in the field.
• Virtual Weather™ mode allows calculation of ET value based on manual data entry.
• Unique Cost Estimator ™ feature projects your water and power costs for an irrigation circle. Can greatly assist you in establishing your budget requirements.
• Smart Weather ™ scheduling monitors evapotranspiration (ET) rates and modifies schedules based on actual course demand.
• Smart Pump ™ links your pump station to your central control system providing real-time communication and optimizing your irrigation cycle. Smart Pump also has the ability to monitor and react to changes in station capacity. Should pump capacity
increase or decrease, the software adjusts the irrigation cycle based on this change (optional).
• Map Utilities make the irrigation map useful for measurement and area calculations.
• Multiple Weather Stations allows the central to communicate with up to 5 different weather stations throughout the golf course to assign different weather stations.
• Hybrid allows multiple field interface devices on a central. These could be multiple MIMs or MIDs, or a combination of these devices, therefore allowing the possibility of having a decoder system in addition to a satellite system operate from the same central.


Installation and Design:
• Cirrus software—PC computer, Pentium 4 (or higher) microprocessor, 1,7 GHz (min) clock speed, 512 megabytes (min) RAM, 20 GB hard drive, 1.44 MB floppy disk drive, 56K modem, CD–RW drive, 32 MB video card, speakers, LCD monitor, printer.
• Voltage: 120 or 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
• MIM, or MDI Interface Unit—indoor mount or combination of any two interface units in hybrid installation.

• Operates up to 54 golf holes.
• Basic software operates hard-wired satellite system, decoderbased system or combination of two communication designs in hybrid installation.
• Satellites (two-wire) per system: 224 satellites in standard and 448 in hybrid mode.
• Decoders per system: up to 2,000 single decoder addresses and 4,000 solenoids. Systems greater than 500 single decoder addresses require additional MDI's and a hybrid module.
• Communication medium: two-wire, 24VAC, voltage-regulated signal for hard-wired satellite interface and decoder-based interface.
• Hybrid communication: allows user the opportunity to use any combination of two communication interface units.
• All programming, execution of field commands, station timing, and data logging done at the central computer.
• Continuous on-line communication between central and field units provides true central control.
• All data logging maintained at the computer for instant review and retrieval.
• QuickIRR™ programming provides for a quick and easy method to automatically build programs to meet your irrigation challenges.

• Program-/schedule-/satellite-/area-based system providing maximum flexibility in programming.
• Accepts Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings generated by GPS technology.
• Multiple languages to choose from.
• Three flow measurement units to select from—U.S. gallons per minute, metric cubic meters per hour, and metric liters per second.
• Automatic Rain Shut-Down with integration of a Rain Sensor.
• SmartLogic––Smart Sensors™ uses static sensors to monitor and react to any condition on the golf course.
• Smart Weather ™ : on-line communication with Weather Station to monitor and react through logical sequence steps to current weather conditions.
• FloWatch™ : uses flow sensors to continually monitor the flow conditions on the golf course and control master valves in the event of an overflow situation.
• Fully automatic ET implementation of selected programs.
• Watersaver feature provides water budgeting in 1 percent increments from 0 to 300 percent at the system level, program level or at the schedule level.
• Accepts pump capacity data and priority of operation settings.
• Built-in Flo-Manager®feature balances system demand at maximum capacity with the efficiency of the pump station and delivery network by staging pumps to reduce wear and tear.
• Accepts full flow management data for system piping network flow zones, branches, and pump station data.
• Full system remote control via handheld field radio or remote telephone commands with The FREEDOM™ System.
• Direct manual access of any stations, any time.
• Add a FREEDOM-Pad™ for optimum field control and Database Management (optional).