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Ana Sayfa > 1-RAİN BİRD > WS-PRO LT Fiyat : 0.00 $

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WS-PRO LT Fiyat : 0.00 $

Malzeme Özellikleri :
• Reliable Sensor Input–Rain Bird's easy-to-install Weather Stations come equipped with a full sensor array which provides accurate measurement of six different types of weather data:
• Air temperature
• Wind speed
• Solar radiation
• Wind direction
• Relative humidity
• Rainfall
• Superior ET Model – Rain Bird's central control systems use weather sensor input to modify watering schedules by using the industry standard Penman-Monteith equation to determine evapotranspiration (ET) rates.
• Automatic ET Download/Selective Usage – Automatically download weather data daily and calculate ET to determine irrigation times for the entire system or specific areas, holes or stations.
• ET Override – Allows you to easily set certain programs to ignore ET values when determining runtimes.
• Weather data reports – Generate reports to show current or past weather conditions by the hour, day, week, month or year.
• Unlimited data storage – Store unlimited weather data at the Central Control.
• Cost Savings – ET adjusted irrigation times apply only the water you need to replace the water lost from the soil reservoir. More efficient irrigation results in less water wasted for non-beneficial reasons resulting in reduced pump station operation, and lower energy costs.
• Rain Bucket – Allows rainfall from one day to be carried over to the following day(s) for more accurate ET calculations.
• Multiple Station Capacity – Connect up to five weather stations to one central control system for more precise ET values based upon different weather conditions around the golf course.
• Max Rain Fall – User-defined Max Rain Fall can be set to limit the amount of acceptable rainfall for clay soil types.

Compatible Modules
- Automatic ET
- Multiple Weather Station
Communication options:
- wireless 2,4ghz radio up to 250 mts line of sight
- hardwire up to 6000 mts
Power supplied required
- 16 to 22 Vdc
- optional solar panel
Temperature Range: -40° to +50°C
Air Temperature Sensor
- Operating range : -40° to +50°C
- Accuracy: ±0,5°C
Relative Humidity Sensor
- Operating range 0-100%
- Accuracy ±6% - 90% to 100% RH ±3% - 0% to 90% RH
Rain Gauge Sensor
- Resolution 1 mm
Solar Radiation Sensor
- Accuracy ±2,5%
Wind Direction Sensor
- Range 360° mechanical, 356° electrical,
Wind Speed Sensor
- Starting threshold 0,78 ms-1