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Ana Sayfa > 1-RAİN BİRD > S-SERIES PUMP STATION Fiyat : 0.00 $

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Malzeme Özellikleri :

S-3200 Series, the standard line that is suitable for most golf course applications.
Standard configuration has 2 to 4 pumps
Flow range up to 1000 m3/h
Standard features include:
• Grundfos SP Submersible pumps
• Galvanized steel skid
• Galvanized steel discharge manifold
• Isolation valve for each pump
• Check valve built into each pump
• Pressure transmitter in stainless steel
• Hose point connection
• Flow meter w it h elect ronic sig na l to t he Cont rol Cabinet. Allows maximum flow setting. In the event of this threshold being exceeded (for example a pipe burst) the pumps will automatically shut down
• Automatic self-flushing cast-iron Y-strainer (mesh size 1,5mm) with PLC-controlled Over Pressure Relief Valve Screen will be automatically flushed each time pump starts
• Main Isolation valve on pump station outlet
• Jockey pump included for pump sizes SP60 and larger
• Advanced touch-button user interface shows actual water flow, operating conditions and alarms and allows for easy pressure setting adjustment

S-3300 Series, the high end line, Standard configuration has 2 to 4 pumps, Flow range up to 1000 m3/h
Additional standard features include:
• Independent Over Pressure Relief Valve
• Jockey pump included for pump sizes SR46 and larger
• Water-cooled heat exchanger on the cabinet
• RBSv Pump Manager software with modems
• 3-phase failure control checks incoming power supply for over/under voltage and phase loss reversal
• Heat sensors in motors
• Floating low water level switch
• State of the art color Touch-screen user interface shows actual operating conditions and alarms

The following options are available : Jockey Pump
Flow-meter with signal to the cabinet.
Isolation valves
Extra butterfly valves mounted on the suction side of the pumps. Main discharge butterfly valve on the V-3100 series.
Jockey Pump
A Jockey pump may be installed on the frame or in some cases supplied as a submersible unit. This pump will supply low water demands, for example when a hose is used or a single rotor is started manually, without a large pump having to start. Recommended for the larger stations. Jockey pumps are standard in the V-3200 series from CR64 pumps and standard in the V-3300 series from CR45 pumps.
Independent pressure relief valve
A Y-strainer with automatic flushing and PLC-controlled over pressure relief valve is standard on V-3200 and V-3300 series pump stations. For additional protection a pilot operated diaphragm type pressure relief valve may be installed as an option.
Low water lever switch
Floating water level switch with 10m cable.
Suction Parts
Suction parts include foot valve, quick coupling or flanged connection and drain valve. PE pipe is not included.
Priming Pump
A Grundfos priming pump model JP5 may be incorporated in the pump set, fitted with a manually operated three way valve, to prime the pump set following winter drain-down.
Prime maintenance
This option consists of a pressure regulating valve fitted on a bypass from the pump station discharge connected to the suction manifold to maintain pressure on the foot valve.
Stainless Steel
Both suction and discharge manifolds can be supplied in Stainless Steel, when aggressive water has to be used.
Pressure vessel
A pressure vessel may be installed either on the frame or as a stand-alone unit.
A Z-pipe for connection between the Pump Station and the irrigation main line can be supplied. Customized pipe with two 45° elbows, DIN flanges on both ends all in galvanized steel.
Control cabinet cooling
A water-cooled heat exchanger can be mounted on the control cabinet. A heat exchanger should be installed in areas where the temperature may exceed 40°C.
RBSweden Pump Manager Software
The RBSweden Pump Manager software offers the possibility to remotely control the pump station from a PC. The pump station is connected to the irrigation PC with
Rain Bird 2x2,5mm2 cable and two modems or via radio communication.
Lightning protection for Pump Manager
Over-Voltage suppressor for communication cable and power supply at both PC and the Pump Station.
Rotating Screen Control
Output for solenoid to rotating intake screen. 3-Phase failure control
This unit checks the incoming power supply for over-/under voltage and phase loss or reversal.
Heating element
In colder climates a 3kW heating element may supplied.
Heat sensors on motors
Protect and shut off the motor before overheating.
Soft starter
Soft starter instead of Y/D starter.