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Ana Sayfa > 1-RAİN BİRD > PAR+ES Decoder Controller Fiyat : 0.00 $

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PAR+ES Decoder Controller Fiyat : 0.00 $

Malzeme Özellikleri :

Mounting/Configuration: Pedestal.
Plastic Pedestal Dimensions:
40,6 cm W x 91,4 cm H x 47,0 cm D.
Pedestal Material: Sturdy impact resistant double walled
Ascorene plastic.
Electrical Input: 230VAC @ 50 Hz.
Electrical Output: 26,5 VAC, 5,25 AMP.
Standard Surge Protection: Included in all models.
Grounding Requirement: Less than 10 ohms.
UL & C-UL listed and CE Approved: yes.

Configurations: Standalone Controller, two-wire satellite.
Station Capacity: 72 stations, 16 in base model, upgradeable in 8 station increments.
Modules/Expansion: Easily upgradeable in field by addition of 8-station, plug-in Output Station Modules (OSMs) for up to 72 stations per controller.
Station Load Capacity: Up to four 24VAC, 7VA solenoid valves per station.
Master Valve Activation: Activate master valve output with station activation.
Sensor Response: Sensor activation cancels irrigation at controller.
Front Panel Lighting: LEDs and backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) make programming easy in poor lighting.
Standard Station Lights: OSM lights provide easy identification of active stations.
Optional Station Switches : Turn stations on or off quickly for easy operation and troubleshooting.

Automatic Schedules: 6 automatic and 2 multimanual, each with up to 12 start times per day and capable of operating simultaneously for standalone operation.
Multiple Schedule Operation : No schedule limit when operated with Rain Bird® Central Control Systems.
Water budgeting: 0-200%, in 10% increments.
Remote Manual Operation: Yes, with the Freedom™ system (optional) and the Rain Bird Central Control software.
Station Run times: 1-120 minutes, in 1 minute increments.
Simultaneous Operation: Heavy-duty transformer permits simultaneous operation of up to 12 solenoids.
Irrigation Control: Variable or Weekday programming, for weekday cycle or for irrigation every other day, every three days, up to every nine days.
Quick Programming : Copy and paste buttons make programming quick and easy.

PAR+ES Decoder Controller
PAR+ES is also available as a 72 stations Decoder Controller.It will permit simultaneous operation of up to 16 stations with up to two solenoids per station.